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Oral Health Awareness and Dental Camp Project

Maintaining good oral health is very important for healthy mind and body for a person, however, it has been a worldwide unrealized problem which is most common in under developed countries like Nepal due to lack of education and poor economic conditions. Poor oral health and untreated oral diseases and conditions can have a significant impact on quality of life. By maintaining good oral hygiene practices, various dental problems can be kept under control and uplift the health status of the people. For this, oral health education and awareness plays an important role, especially for the school children. Thus, such education is essential for behavior change, improving health and quality of life. It is said that children with poor oral health are 12 times more likely to have restricted daily activity than those who do not.


Realizing this fact, Lions Club of Kathmandu Samakhushi (LCKS) has been implementing a project in Nepal since 2009 that entails dental treatment and oral health awareness activities to the school children of community schools. The project was started with the support of Dr. Thomas and his fellow members from Holland and since then, LCKS has been continuing this project in the support of different philanthropists from abroad and its own resources as the need is unlimited and demand of our service from number of schools is rising every day. Till the date, LCKS has reached to over 40000 children of various schools from many districts in Nepal and provided dental health services. Our plan is to serve more than 10,000 children every year and help them grow healthy through oral health awareness and dental treatment services.

Goal: To reduce the impact of dental diseases and help the children grow healthy lives. Objectives:

  1. To increase awareness level of children about oral health and hygiene and its importance for healthy life
  2. To improve oral health conditions of the children from poor communities by providing treatment services.

Activities: 1. Organize dental health camp and carry out dental screening of the children 2. Treatment of dental diseases (Scaling, extracting, filling etc.) 3. Conduct oral health awareness classes 4. Distribute tooth pastes and brushes to every child 5. Recording of dental health status and treatment of every childdental19

Target communities/population: The target beneficiaries (children) of the project are from the poor rural communities who have less knowledge on oral health and hygiene and do not have access to treatment services when needed. However, the children from urban areas with poor economic conditions do not get proper treatment as the dental treatment is very expensive. These urban poor children are also targeted by the project to provide its services.

The project targets to serve 10,000 children every year from around the country by organizing 25 dental camps and 90% of them are from poor family background.


Working modality: First of all, we identify the schools in the communities where oral health services are not available. It is evident that the children where dental health services are not available have some kind of dental problems and if not treated on time that leads to serious oral health problem resulting increment in absenteeism and less active children in the school.

We have a team of well experienced dentists to conduct the dental camps. There are 2 to 3 dentists involve in treatment, awareness raising, teaching tooth brushing technique and distributing tooth pastes and brushes to the children. Respective schools are coordinated and mobilized for arranging venue, water supply, furniture, children's registration, communication to the community people/parents etc. We have a set of tools and equipment required for the camps donated by Dr. Thomas from Holland that are used for treatment of teeth. We use flyers and brochures for awareness raising on oral health where pictorial descriptions of common oral health problems and the safety measures are given. A camp is organized for 1 to 4 days depending on the numbers of children. Our focus is on the children up to fifth grades because of limited resources in one hand and the other hand this is the crucial period for children to learn about oral health.

Expected results:

  1. The children from poor family background and rural communities have better dental health condition
  2. The children, teachers and parents are aware of oral health and hygiene
  3. The children develop habit of brushing teeth twice a day
  4. The people in the community realize that the Lions Clubs are determined to materialize their motto "We Serve" and it promotes Lionism in the communities
  5. The children have healthy lives and attend schools regularly.


Budget: The total budget for one dental health camp is Rs. 40,000 (US$400) this amount includes tooth pastes, brushes, transportation, dentists' fee, food, accommodation etc.

Further information please drop your lines at info@lionsclubs.org.np