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Old Age

Senior citizens are the assets of society. ‘Ago Tapnu Mudhako, Kura Sunnu Budhako' is a common proverb in Nepal . This literally means the elder people are full of knowledge through their experiences and they should be heard for they are the resources. In the past, senior citizens used to be highly respected in Nepal and joint family was dominant where more than 3 generations lived happily as a single household under one roof. However, due to changing life style and urbanization, family type and size have changed and nucleus family has now become the dominant family type in the country. Due to changing family structure and changed attitudes of the new generations towards the senior citizens, they are often forgotten if not neglected and their lives have become more vulnerable.


The Earth sustains human life. That’s why LCIF is dedicated to helping Lions take on large-scale projects that will create a sustainable and healthy future for generations to come. Our environment is more than a background: it’s our home. And we’re committed to caring for it. From recycling programs to ensuring all areas have access to clean water, we’re working hard to keep the Earth in its best condition.